Lhasa Zhol Pillar Tour

Below the Potala, old pillar with oldest Tibetan writing is located. The pillar contains dedications to a famous Tibetan general and gives an account of his services to the king including campaigns against China which culminated in the brief confine of the Chinese capital Chang’an in 763 CE during which the Tibetans temporarily installed as Emperor a relative of Princess JinchengGongzhu, the Chinese wife of TrisongDetsen’s father, Me Agtsom. Mountain Layers Trek and Expedition Pvt. Ltd. is proud to organise this Lhasa Zhol PillarTtour



Chokpori, meaning Iron Mountain, is a sacred hill, located south of the Potala. It is considered to be one of the four holy mountains of central Tibet.

Lingkhor Path:-

Lingkhor is a sacred path, most commonly used to name the outer pilgrim road in Lhasa matching its inner twin, Barkhor. The Lingkhor in Lhasa was about 8 kilometres long enclosing Old Lhasa, the Potala and Chokpori hill. New Lhasa has destroyed most of Lingkhor, but one stretch still remains west of Chokpori.


The Norbulingka, palace and surrounding park is situated in the west side of Lhasa, a short distance to the southwest of Potala Palace and with an area of around 36 hectares, it is considered to be the largest man made garden in Tibet. It was built from 1755, and served as the traditional summer abode of the successive Dalai Lamas until the 14th’s self-imposed exile. The Sho Dun Festival, popularly known as the yogurt festival is an annual festival held at Norbulingka during the seventh Tibetan month in the first seven days of the Full Moon period, which corresponds to dates in July/August according to the English calendar.Besides these places there are other places in Lhasa which are equally attractive for the visitors. They are Old Barkhor Street, Jokhang Square, Ramoche Temple, Tibet mesuem etc.

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Lhasa Zhol Pillar Tour


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