Marriage in Nepal

As Nepal is multi religious, multicultural and multiethnic country, there are different kinds of wedding ceremonies. Even there are differences in village and towns wedding ceremony. In village marriage ceremony Nepalese traditional Panche Baja are played along with folk song.  In town marriage ceremonies are showy and extravagant—Panche Baja is replaced by band instruments, ferry lights all over the house naturally costs more. But traditional remote village weddings arranged by the respective families are very simple but rich in culture.

The majority of people in Nepal are Hindu. They believe in traditional marriage. Traditionally Hindu marriages are arranged marriage. In the past there was the conception that marriage should be done at tender age and child marriage was in practice in arranged marriage. But now this notion has changed and the parents wait until adulthood to complete the wedding ceremony of their children. Traditional arranged marriages do not take place across caste, religion, and ethnicity. In arranged marriage parents search the bride and groom for their children often with the help of matchmaker; however parents consults to their offspring and do not force them to marry whom they do not want. Hindus perform marriage only in selected months; marriages take place only in mid- April to mid July, mid-November to mid-December and mid-January to march.

In the past love marriage was not acceptable for the parents. But slight changed has occurred in this conception and parents are giving approval for love marriage. In some community arranged marriage is not in practice such as in Rai community where elopement is in practice. However, in Nepal arranged marriage is still predominant. The ceremony is also very remarkable. During the marriage ceremony day, the bride is dressed in red saris and blouse while the groom wears Daura Sulwar and Dhaka Topi- traditional Nepali dress. The most important part of ritual is Kanyadan– the gift of the bride to the groom by her parents. Mountian Layers Treks and Expedition (P). LTD.  is proud to organise this Marriage in Nepal

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Marriage in Nepal


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