Sankhu and Bajra Jogini Tour and Hiking

Lying at the north-eastern edge of Kathmandu Valley is the ancient settlement of Sankhu. This sleepy town was once on the important trade route east to Helambu. The neighbouring hillside is covered in dense forests, which hide a temple to a secret goddess, the Bajra Jogini. Her shrine is tucked away among tall, dark pines in a sacred, secluded spot. According to legend, the goddess has been residing here from time immemorial.

The central temple is located amidst a series of stupas housing a four dimensional Buddha. Built in the 17th century, it has three roofs and struts with figures of various deities. The tympanum is a work of art. Within the inner sanctum, the goddess is flanked by her two traditional companions, Singhini, the lioness and Baghini the tigress. Follow the wide stone path north of the village and climb up the steps to the temple, flanked by small shrines, stupas and statues. Behind the temple there are other shrines and sculptures.

<p>Time 06 hrs</p><p>Tour Start from Thamel, Kathmandu</p><p>Tour end of Thamel Kathmandu</p><p>Start drive by car from Thamel at 8:30am to at 9:30am.Sankhu 1hour</p><p>Hiking up to Bajra Jogini Temple 30minutes.</p><p>Visit around temple 1:30hours</p><p>Back to Sankhu Bazar (old Newar city) and visit around Sankhu Bazar (Old newar city) 1hour</p><p>Lunch in Sankhu at 2:00pm 1hour</p><p>After lunch drive back to Thamel at 4:00pm 1hour in your hotel.</p>

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Sankhu and Bajra Jogini Tour and Hiking


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